How to calculate the surface area of a sphere?

Question – How to calculate the surface area of a sphere?

Answer: This is an important question to know how to calculate the surface area of a sphere.

There are two types of calculations that you can do to find the surface area of a sphere, they are spherical area and volume calculation. The first one is simpler, it involves dividing the length by radius squared.

The second one requires knowing how many sides there are in your sphere. This is quite easy if you have any idea about geometry because this type of calculation uses similar formulas as used for circles and right-angled triangles. You will need some basic knowledge about angles, measurements, and fractions to solve this problem easily.

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Here’s an example:

Length = r=1m

Radius = r=0.5m

Side = s=4 cm

Area = A=πr2/s2

Volume = V=πr3/s3

Formula 1 :A=(1/2) * ( π * r^2 ) / ( 4 * s^2 ) Formula 2 :V=(1/4) * ( π * r^3 ) / ( 4 * s^3)

If we use these formulas in our situation then we get Length = 1 m Radius = 0.5 m Side = 4 cm Area A=(π*0.5*1)/(4*0) Volume V=(π*0).5/(4*.25)=45cm Now we divide both values with each other or multiply them with each other so that we can obtain the answer! So, Surface Area S=(45/.25)=90cm.

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