How to convert square meter to square feet?

Question: How to convert square meters to square feet?

Answer: Square meter to square feet is the easiest way to convert between meters and square feet. To find out how many square meters you need, multiply your required area by 100,000.

For example: If you want to build a house that is 1000 sq ft then divide 1,000 by 100,000. You will get the answer of 0.1 sq m or 10 sq ft which means that you need land with an area of 10 sq m in order to build your house.

To find out how many square feet are needed for building a house, multiply the number of square meters required by 100. For example: If you have bought an area of 500 sq m then divide 500 by 100. You will get the answer of 50 and this means that you need 50sqm land to build your house in India!

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